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Our Company

The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL) is an independently owned and operated full service medical education company that has been developing certified healthcare education for nearly twenty years.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and supported by a staff of twenty full-time employees, ACHL actively engages and collaborates with diverse stakeholders in healthcare to improve the quality of care by developing comprehensive educational strategies reflective of the multifaceted and globally diverse healthcare environment. Through this collaborative model, we seek to transform the reach and redefine the value of independent medical education (IME).

Our Expertise

What defines quality education? ACHL develops customized and targeted education across various media and formats to effectively engage clinicians and improve learner outcomes. Our expertise includes:

Adaptive & Personalized Learning

ACHL has significant experience in conceptualizing and developing adaptive learning formats. Our proprietary technologies powered by complex algorithms assess individual learner needs and provide personalized learning pathways to support better learner outcomes.

Innovative Digital Solutions

ACHL transforms the latest educational innovations into engaging and effective digital applications. From simulated cases and virtual hospitals to interactive algorithms to micro learning through mobile solutions, ACHL's experienced digital team collaborates with educational partners to reimagine and advance online CME.

Quality and Performance Improvement

ACHL's proprietary data platform simplifies data collection and reporting and supports clinician participation. Our experienced team successfully collaborates with hospitals and health systems to plan and implement PI/QI programs with proven results in improving patient care outcomes. Managing everything from IRB applications, EMR coordination, intervention development, outcomes analysis, and publication management, our team offers full-service support for your QI/PI program.

Purposeful Outcomes

ACHL's precision-based approach to outcomes considers both the varied characteristics of learners as well as the learning environment itself. Employing sophisticated data collection technologies powered by our custom built LMS, our industry-proven methodology provides targeted analyses and ongoing needs assessment data for continuous improvement to our CME program.

ACHL On.Target is our consultative arm supporting professional associations and hospitals in reimagining their educational programs to more effectively meet organizational goals.